CORE Payroll and Expenses upgrade

Upgrade – A project to upgrade Core is currently underway. This will result in changes to Core ESS which will improve user functionality along with back office changes which will affect our HR & Payroll departments. The new version will be available before the end of the year. All employees with payroll or expenses claims to make before the end of the year would be advised to make these claims as early as possible. Due to the upgrade an expenses run in December may not happen.


This activity covers payments to staff for reimbursement of expenses incurred during travel on Institute business. Each member of staff must get clearance from his/her Head of School or function  or higher in advance of organising a trip.

Receipts – Please remember all expenses claimed (except mileage & subsistence) must be receipt based e.g. Toll Receipts must be scanned & included with your claim.

There is only one exception to this rule and that is where a claim is made for travel by the cheapest available method (i.e. train to Dublin). In this case a receipt is not insisted on but, should be provided when available.


Please refer to the Travel & Subsistence (and other expenditures) Policy for full policy details.

Core ESS Expense Training Documents can be found here

Expense form for Research Students can be found here

Corporate Rate – Due to the high cost of staying in hotels in Dublin city centre, the Institute has agreed a corporate rate for B&B with a number of hotels.

As this rate is relatively expensive compared to the cost of staying overnight in other parts of the country staff will be allowed to claim the corporate rate for stays in these hotels (on a receipts basis only) plus the 10 hour rate to cover meals instead of claiming the 24 hour rate. Click here for more details.

Club Travel  – With effect from March 2016, all foreign flights must be booked through Club Travel. Once an employee gets President’s approval for foreign travel; flights, accommodation & rail tickets can be booked through Club Travel using a Purchase Order.  When accommodation is paid direct by the institute, staff may claim a maximum of 10 hour subsistence per day.



Queries to Aisling Branley

Expense Help Desk CoreExpense@nullcorehr.com

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