Office 2016 – Staff PC Installation

IT Sligo staff can now upgrade from Microsoft Office 2010/13 to Office 2016 on their work PC. The steps outlined below enables individual staff members to complete this upgrade themselves on their work PC, without assistance from IT Services . 

As a staff member you can also install the latest Office software on your personal devices. The relevant instructions can be found on the following page Office 2016 – Personal use Installation Steps.

Benefits of upgrading to Office 2016

  • OneDrive folders available within Microsoft applications for quick access to cloud stored files. 
  • Improved version history 
  • Office Mobile apps which allow a range of updates to documents using a web browser or mobile device  

Steps to Upgrade to Office 2016

The installation of Office 2016  takes approximately 20-30mins.  We recommend launching the upgrade before leaving for a lunch or at the end of the working day. During the upgrade you will not be able to access Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint

What You Need to Do  

Users can execute the upgrade on their own schedule with no IT assistance necessary.  
Click on Start-> Programs -> Microsoft System Center –> Configuration Manager -> Software Center  
This will Open the Software Center Window.  









Once the Software Center window is open, you will see the window below.  Under Available Software Select: Install Office 2016 (Uninstall Office 2010 & 2013) 

Note: The installation will need to shut down staff PCs. A 5-minute warning will appear to allow staff save any unsaved work before installation commences. Your files saved in older versions of office will not be effected. 

Once the PC restarts you may log on to view the installation progress 


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