External Examiners

This page contains both External and Internal Documents relating to the Examining System at IT Sligo.

Important Notice for External Examiners: Please use IT Sligo internal documentation only e.g IT Sligo external examiners report.
External Documentation is for Reference Only.

The National Framework of Qualifications

IT Sligo Internal Documents (Subject to Revision)

Appendices Quality Manual Chapter 3 Assessment of Learners 2012
Appendix 3.1 Nomination Form for External Examiners
Appendix 3.2 Criteria -Nomination and Appointment of Examiners
Appendix 3.3 Letter of Appointment Acceptance Form
Appendix 3.4 Contract between External Examiner and IT Sligo
Appendix 3.5 Guidelines for External Examining
Appendix 3.6 IT Sligo External Examiners Report
Appendix 3.7 Continuous Assessment Modes (Not Mandatory)
Section   2012
Section A5 Marks and Standards Pg 12-13
Exam001 Annual Exam Paper Submission Dates 2010
Exam002 Appointment of Extern Examiners 2004
Exam013 Consideration of Ex Exam Report 2004
Frequently Asked Questions 2006
IT Sligo Academic Calendar  
Expense Claims Form 2012

External Documents (Subject to Revision)

Standards and Guidelines
Element Three of Part One of the European Standards and Guidelines 2009
Hetac Effective Practice Guideline
Hetac External Examiner Report Template 2011 (Not yet in use by IT Sligo)
Hetac Assessment and Standards 2009
Hetac Guidelines -Review of Effectiveness of Quality Assurance 2008
Hetac External Examiners Policy 2001 [Rescinded]
School of Engineering
and Design
School of Business
and Social Sciences
School of Science
Generic Standards Generic Standards Generic Standards
Eng -Award Standards Business -Award Standards Sci -Award Standards
Architecture-Award Standards Social Care -Award Standards  
Art&Design -Award Standards    
Computing -Award Standards    

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