Speech enabling our website


What is browsealoud?
Browsealoud is a computer program that reads out the words on this website. Browsealoud reads web pages aloud for people who find it difficult to read online.

Browsealoud makes using the Internet easier for people who have:

  • Low literacy and reading skills
  • English as a second language
  • Dyslexia
  • Mild visual impairments

How does it work?
You download a FREE Browsealoud plug-in. Once installed any page on the website can be spoken aloud.

Does it work on all pages?

Browsealoud can read any page on the IT Sligo website as well as PDF’s, and Word documents.

Downloading browsealoud

Simply click on the image below to download. On the following page select what operating system you’re using. Browsealoud will place an icon on your system try.

Download Browsealoud

For further help and assistance with the Browsealoud plug-in visit their FAQs on their website.

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