BB in Marketing & Sales

Through this programme, we will give you the business and life skills to help you find rewarding careers, nationally and internationally, in a wide variety of marketing and sales positions. This programme offers a blend of key business subjects with marketing and sales specialisms. You also have the opportunity to enhance your employment opportunities by taking a language as an elective choice. You will be capable of making a positive contribution to the marketing and sales activities of any organisation. This course will enable you to develop contemporary marketing and sales skills and techniques with a focus on work based projects and work placement.

Marketing, Tourism & Sport SG537 Ordinary Bachelor Degree Abinitio

*New Common Points Scale

The new Leaving Certificate Common Points Scale from 2017 is not directly comparable with the scale that was in existence from 1992 to 2016.

Download the Grading Scale from

Applicants should list their CAO course choices in genuine order of preference and they will be offered the course highest up on their list that they are deemed eligible for, if any.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO 2018 courses at ITSligo are available for download below:

Normal CAO requirements for a L7 Ordinary Degree apply – a minimum of a Pass Leaving Certificate. Mature students are welcomed and interviewed and assessed on an individual basis.

Career Opportunities

■ Marketing Manager

■ Sales Manager

■ Branding

■ Export Sales

■ Market Research

■ Marketing Consultancy


What are my further study opportunities?

There is an option to continue on to a 4th Year Honours Degree. Continue all the way to Masters or PhD if you want!

What subjects will I study?

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

[E] = Elective Module. Modules subject to availability.

Did you know?

How long does it take?

Three years full time, with the option to continue on to a 4th Year Honours Degree. Continue all the way to Masters or PhD if you want!



How to get in?

Apply through normal CAO application procedure ( Bachelor of Business in Marketing & Sales SG537.

Who do I contact?

Admissions Office

T: 353 (0) 71 931 8510