BEng in Mechatronics (Online)

Programme Code: SG_EMECT_J07

Delivery: Online/ Lab Attendance

About Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical, electronic and software engineering. The purpose of this field is the study of automation from an engineering perspective and serves the purposes of controlling advanced hybrid systems.

About this Programme

Graduates with a good grounding and understanding in this field can look to a bright and challenging career. In an era where it is necessary for manufacturing industry to be located in less expensive environments, the advanced technical communication techniques and skilled workforce created with this Level 7 programme would allow such manufacturing industry to be controlled in Ireland, keeping the high skilled jobs in Ireland despite the migration of unskilled jobs to other countries.

NOTE: Students are required to attend four lab days per year at IT Sligo.


Download a PDF Brochure about this course Here

Award: Level 7 (60 credits)

Application Closing Date : 30th August 2019

Mech. and Electronic Eng. Ordinary Bachelor Degree Addon

Entry Requirements

Level 6 on the NFQ (Higher Certificate – formerly National Certificate) qualification in relevant discipline or equivalent. Holders of National Craft Certificate or Advanced Craft Certificate in an appropriate discipline and with adequate relevant industrial experience may also qualify for entry to the course. For those who do not have the required equivalent qualifications a qualifier programme is available.

What subjects will I study?

Programme Fees

Total €6,800
Per Year €3,400
Per 5 credit module €600
Per 10 credit module €1,200

Who do I contact?

Tel: 071 931 8511