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Sligo I.T.  has over 70 Postgrads, who are an integral part of the Institute and Campus life and numbers are increasing.

The Sligo I.T. Postgraduate Society (SPS) is the best way to meet new people in the I.T., and the main source of social life for postgraduates. Being a postgraduate student in I.T. Sligo can be a daunting experience for many of you and (SPS) is here to try and make that transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies that little bit easier.

The society’s objective is to promote awareness of postgraduate activities in IT Sligo and improve social links across the college through organised events. By creating these social links we hope we can all help each other in our studies.

If you are a new postgrad you should join the society just before coming to Sligo, to ensure that you know what is going in the first few weeks. If you are an existing Postgrad, you can join at any time, and there are new members and events all year round.

The society works really hard to make new members feel welcome to the first events they attend and to encourage new members to get to know other people in the society.

Feel free to join our social pages,

Facebook: IT Sligo Postgraduate Society

For more information please contact:

Chair of the Research Post Graduate Society
Kathleen Love
Institute of Technology, Sligo

Chair of the Research Post Graduate Society
Fionn Downes
Institute of Technology, Sligo

Sean Mulligan
Institute of Technology, Sligo

James Murray
Institute of Technology, Sligo

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