Research Projects

School of Science

Lorraine Archer Physiology and Molecular Biology of Microalgae for the Biorefining of Valuable Metabolites (METALGAE)
Pamela Boyle Halting biodiversity loss: the potential of High Nature Value farmland in North West Ireland
Patrick Broderick Mirror therapy and treadmill training for enhancing motor function after stroke: A pilot randomised controlled trial
Ciara Byrne Chemical synthesis of titanium dioxide nanomaterials
Julien Carlier Sustainable development of Greenways: improving their function as ecological networks and corridors
Marcus Colon Developing mitonchondrial markers for athletic performance over-training and recovery regimes
Gerard Corrigan Development of Analytical Methods for Potential Leachables from containers into Opthalmic products using Gas Chromatography (GC) & Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)
Saoirse Dervin Preparation of nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications
Thais Diniz Oliviera An investigation into the compatibility and effectiveness of linking Brazilian carbon mitigation and trading strategies with the EUETS (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme)
Fionn Downes The use of an optical fibre sensing structure based on a palladium alloy for the design of a robust hydrogen sensor
Louise Duignan Sustainable management of priority farmland habitats on the Aran Islands.
Monika Ehrensberger Mirror therapy and unilateral strength training for enhancing motor function after stroke: A pilot randomised controlled trial​ 
Bronwyn Evans Controlled release of histone deacetylase inhibitors to enhance gene expression and increase protein biologic production
Edel Feely Impacts of trace element contaminants in Bio-Processing Environments and Materials
James Feighan Investigation of the impact on soil ecology, of soils planted with Short-Rotation Coppice (SRC) Willow and irrigated with wastewater effluent (note: this project is part of the ANSWER project- Agricultural Need for Sustainable Willow Effluent Recycling)
Ashling Granahan The development of an expression system of endogenous serine proteases in basidiomycete fruiting body development, Coprinus cinerea.
Ruth Hegarty Moving IT Sligo towards a world class green campus – analysis of potential value and how it could be achieved
Joe Hynds Engineered Restoration Techniques for Degraded  Raised Bog.
Thorsten Kahlert Going deeper underground: The application of GIS, predictive modelling and comparative morphological analysis to better understand cave use in Neolithic Ireland
Janis-Marie Kelly Developing mitochondrial biomarkers for natural sunlight damage to human skin
Henry Koehler Molecular ecology of sand-dwelling dinoflagellates in northwest Ireland
Kathleen Love The Application of Industry-Academia Collaboration to Enhance the Development of the Biopharmaceutical Industry Workforce in Ireland
Dónal McGee METALGAE: The physiology & molecular biology of microalgae for biorefining high value metabolites.
Felim McTiernan Comparison of two molecular and traditional tools to evaluate Fate Of Enteric Pathogens In Wastewater Treatment Plants
Rita Mhig Fhionnghaile The Application of Geometric Morphometrics to Zooarchaeological Specimens
Sinead Middleton The Characterisation and Classification of Archaeological Glass Samples using Multi-Elemental Analysis
Lisa Moloney Amber in Irish Prehistory: a scientific and social investigation
Helen Moran Assessment of Status of an Invasive Aquatic Weed, Lagarosiphon major, in Lough Corrib Using New Technologies
James Murray An In vitro investigation of the anti-tumour efficacy of porphyrin-endoperoxide hybrids and naphthalimide-endoperoxide hybrids: identifying modality, maximising efficacy and tumour cell selectivity
Micheal O’Cearbhallain Multi-elemental analysis of soil samples from a Medieval site in Co. Roscommon
Ronan O’Donnell Development of a Talaromyces emersonii. ‘Molecular Toolkit’ enabling the efficient expression of designer enzymes/enzyme cocktails for industrial applications.
Andrea Paskuliakova Biofuel Directed Phycoremediation of air emissions and wastewaters
Julia Powers Developing a mitochondrial DNA platform for predictive skin cancer bio-markers
Rory Sheehan Assessment of the Population Dynamics, Spread and Management of the Asian Clam (Corbicula fluminea) a new Irish aquatic Invader
Daniel Simpson Mirror therapy and unilateral strength training for enhancing motor function after stroke in the lower extremity: A randomised controlled trial.
Luke Slaughter Culture Process and Harvesting Optimisation of M. hyopneumoniae.
Kayleigh Smith Spectral Imaging with Multi-Element Analysis
Julien Thibault Fingerprint analysis of over the counter herbal medicine products
Lauren Anne Van Rooyen Optimisation of meat processing to enhance quality and safety; Novel pre-treatment regime to enhance the value and quality of vacuum packed retail cuts of beef
Carlos Vanegas Co-Digestion of algal biomass with carbon rich waste streams
Tara Westby Analysis of inorganic Iodine species in biological fluids following transdermal adsorption from iodine rich marcooalgae species (seaweed) from Irish waters.
Suzanne Zajac Indigenous and imported pottery in Ireland 500bc to ad1200

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School of Engineering

Ernst Aschmann Experimental and numerical investigation of ordinary and fibrous concrete
Michael Cafferty Lameness in Dairy cattle: An investigation into the possible Biomechanical factors which may influence lameness development.
Ian Craig An Exploration on Effective Online Learning Strategies.
Rita Day The creation of a series of low cost micro MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and testing for cost effectiveness.
Mark Dolan The effect of laser welding on bio-degradeable material
Fergal Gallagher Coding Theory and Software for WBANs and Portable Diagnostic Equipment
Neil Gannon Game based technology in Virtual tertiary learning
Glenn Gordon Development of Sustainable Optimisation Indicators for Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plants
Sean McGowan Power quality improvement system of renewable energy generation and consumption
Faye Monaghan Units of group algebras and their applications in systems error management
Sean Mulligan Investigation of torgential velocity vectors in free wate vortices as applied to hydroelectric energy extraction
Konrad Mulrennan Process Optimisation and Control of Biodegradable Polymer Systems
John O’Toole Locating and Predicting Fracture in Bone using Acoustic Emission
Marta Slawinska Spaces of mediation: Street art, Public Spaces and Exhibition Practices
Padraig Varley Vibration analysis of bone using Experimental Modal Analysis and Finite Element Analysis
Malgorzata Wieteska Mathematical modelling of bone fracture
William Wilson Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Infrastructure Construction

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School of Business & Social Sciences

Ciara Brady It’s free; why not? a study of non participation of children in the free pre-school year in early childhood care and education (ecce) programme.
Deirdre Byrne Around the table: Food and eating practices in residential care for young people in Ireland
Lillian Ann Byrne Social Care placements and the Formation of Professional Social Care Practioners
Tamsin Cavaliero Practising, Passing and ‘Polishing’: Traveller Women Negotiating Home and School Environments 
Natalie Delimata A critical analysis of Intersex in Ireland.
James Dunne Caring for an intellectually disable child: The family challenges.
John Durkan Social Capital Formation in County Sligo (And the North West of Ireland) 1993-2013.
Daniel Gaffey Title: A critical assessment of the experiences of community garden participants during both growing and dormant seasons.
Jacqueline Gallagher An exploratory study on the Educational Experiences of Individuals affected by Maternal Imprisonment
Elaine Haverty A phenomenological exploration into the support needs of disability workers and how they are been met.
Kelly Maguire An assessment of sustainable Event Management in Ireland.
Marie McGloin Appropriateness & Responsiveness of the Irish Higher and Further Education needs of Migrants: A Critical Exploration of Migrants in the Northwest.
Emmet McLoughlin

A Longitudinal Analysis of Sustainable Planning For Tourism in Ireland with a focus on Tourism Indicator Systems.

Karen O’Callaghan Restorative Justice Responses to Sexual Abuse and Violence: What can be done in the Republic of Ireland to improve outcomes for victims and offenders.
Maureen O’Hara An Investigation into the training of Social Care Practitioners, Prison Officers and Gardaí in Ireland.
Dorota Pol-Wajszczuk The origins of addiction in attachment, temperament and personality disorders.
Mark Timoney A million little pieces.
Anne Trevorrow Social Pedagogy in Ireland and Scotland: Concepts, Opportunities and Constraints

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