Lillian Byrne Lancaster

Project Title:  The Lived Experience of Placement-based Social Care Student Supervisors

Name: Lillian Byrne-Lancaster

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Taylor


An essential aspect of Social Care education is the 800 hours professional practice placement (HETAC, 2010).  Learning on placement has been considered indispensable to the development of professional skills and identity formation for this group of students (IASCE, 2009).  While students are prepared for placement by college based tutors, their learning and development as professional practitioners is supported on placement by Student Supervisors.  In an Irish context, this role is currently under researched.

 Research Objectives:

 1.      Understand the role of the student supervisor.

2.      Identify the motivations for becoming a student supervisor.

3.      Examine the rewards and challenges associated with the role.

4.      Recognise how Student Supervisors assist in placement based learning.

5.      Consider the training and development needs of Student Supervisors.

6.      Explore the role of Student Supervisor as a mechanism to induct new members to the     social care profession.

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