Welcome to the Research Office pages of the IT Sligo Website. The Institute has an important role in driving economic and social development in the North West of Ireland. Relevant, effective Research and Innovation is a key element of this. We have a vibrant and productive research community, active in the undergraduate, postgraduate and professional research spheres.

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Current Opportunities

IT Sligo President’s Bursaries

Ref Project Title Principal Supervisor
1 Bio-inspired supramolecular polymers for multifunctional coatings    APPLICATION EXTENDED TO 16.08.2019 Ioannis Manolakis
2 An Investigation into the dietary intake and associated determinants in third level students in Ireland                                                         APPLICATION CLOSED Laura Keaver
3 2D nanomaterials for efficient asymmetric supercapacitors                  APPLICATION EXTENDED TO 30.08.2019 Suresh Pillai
4 The use of surface coatings in phase-change enhancement  Gerard McGranahan
5 A comparison of music therapy and dance with traditional exercise rehabilitation in Parkinson’s Disease                                                   POSITION FILLED Joanne Regan
6 The use of protein hydrolysates to generate high protein foods acceptable to older adults Maria Dermiki
7 Homeostatis preservation in human cell lines with microalgae                  POSITION FILLED Eva Campion
Identification and quantification of unregulated masked mycotoxins in grains Thomas Smyth
9 Physical and numerical modelling of integral bridges supported on reinforced soil abutments                                                                       POSITION FILLED Patrick Naughton
10 Synthesis and characterisation of compounds of forensic interest using novel methodologies/technologies                                                               APPLICATION EXTENDED TO 01.10.2019 Geraldine Dowling


Using food product waste streams as a sustainable source of natural components capable of enhancing the efficacy of antibiotics against resistant bacteria                                                                                       APPLICATION EXTENDED TO 21.08.2019  

Owen Kenny

12 Evaluation of decision making factors to facilitate effective safety behaviour of Irish farmers                                                                            POSITION FILLED Rachel Nugent
13 Online prediction of final product properties in production of a drug eluting implant                                                                                                        POSITION FILLED Marion McAfee


IT Sligo/Connaught Ulster Alliance Bursaries

Ref Project Title Principal Supervisor
14 Wireless sensing for prediction and control of part quality in injection moulding                                                                                                                APPLICATION EXTENDED TO 15.09.2019 Marion McAfee (ITS), Jim Morrison (LYIT)
15 Protecting and promoting archaeolgical sites: best practice for sustainable tourism along the Wild Atlantic Way                                              POSITION FILLED Fiona Beglane (ITS), Conor McTiernan (LYIT)
16 Mathematical modelling of the bovine reproductive cycle              POSITION EXTENDED TO 31.08.2019 Leo Creedon (ITS), Edna Curley (GMIT)
17 Investigating a novel role for G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in Pancreatic Cancer pathogenesis                                                                            POSITION FILLED Tony McCabe (ITS), Karen Finn (GMIT)
18 Case management in integrated care: a service user, professional, managerial and policy perspective (co-funded by HSE)                                POSITION FILLED Martha Doyle (ITS), Mark Garavan (GMIT)
19 Assessing the carbon footprint of Irish tourism and developing a stakeholder based decarbonising toolkit                                                              POSITION FILLED James Hanrahan (ITS), John Carty (GMIT)
20 Investigation of the therapeutic potential of secondary metabolites produced by Rasamsonia emersonii                                                                      POSITION FILLED Mary Heneghan (ITS), Anthonia O’Donovan (GMIT)


Exploring County Sligo’s War of Independence: a contemporary archaeology approach                                                                                  POSITION FILLED Marion Dowd (ITS), Mark McCarthy (GMIT)
22 Investigating ecosystem services delivery and correlation with results- based scoring assessments in Freshwater Pearl Mussel catchments                                                                                                                                 APPLICATION EXTENDED TO 02.08.2019 Dolores Byrne (ITS), James Moran (GMIT)
23 Building a collaborative regional destination brand in the Northwest of Ireland                                                                                                         APPLICATION EXTENDED TO 18.10.2019 Suzanne Ryan (ITS), Nicola Dunnion (LYIT)


Projects funded by other funding agencies

Ref Project Title Principal Supervisor
24 Additive Manufacturing of next Generation Injection Mould Tooling (SFI funded) David Tormey
25 Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) for the removal of Antimicrobial resistant organisms from water (EU H2020 Funded)                                        POSITION FILLED Suresh Pillai
26 HigherEd4All (HEA funded)                                                                                   POSITION FILLED Allison Gillen


Application process for IT Sligo President’s Bursaries/IT Sligo/Connaught Ulster Alliance Bursaries

Interested applicants are required to:

• Read the Terms and Conditions (link below)
• Complete an application form (links below)
• Submit the application form along with a cover letter and a detailed CV directly to the Research Office, Institute of Technology Sligo with the subject heading PB application to

Terms and Conditions
Application form – fillable PDF
Application form – word document

For queries relating to any individual opportunity, please contact the principal supervisor via the links in the table above

Application process for Projects funded by other funding agencies

Please check the requirements on an individual project from the table above
For queries relating to any individual opportunity, please contact the principal supervisor via the links in the table above

Terms and Conditions
Application form – fillable PDF
Application form – word document

We have a number of positions which remain open, please check under the individual titles for closing date
The Institute of Technology, Sligo is an equal opportunities employer.

Last updated, Friday 26 July, 2019


Scholarship Fund for Taught Level 9 courses

IT Sligo has established a Masters Scholarship Fund to support students applying for either: Taught Level 9 courses that have a Major research component (a minimum of 60% of the programme credits), or; Research Masters programmes.

Prospective students may apply for the following forms of support:

  1. The full EU fee value of the programme for two years.
  2. Partial EU fee value relating to the programme for two years
  3. Continuation of such support for a further two years, in the case of Research Masters candidates who have successfully transferred to PhD

Applications should be made to the Head of the relevant Faculty using the form available here.


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