Do you have a RD&I need?

The Contract Research Unit (CRU) as part of the Research Office of IT Sligo provides dedicated technical Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) support to regional enterprises, communities and individuals.

You may have a new concept, an idea sitting on a shelf, a project in development or you may simply be looking for a solution to a new or ongoing problem.  Our core technical team are here to help you.  Contact one of our staff and we will work with you to define your needs and recommend the next steps.


Contract Research Unit
Research Office, Room G2034, Institute of Technology, Sligo.
Tel: 00353-71-9305825  Ext 5825

RD&I Coordinator

RD&I Engineer

RD&I Engineer

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Research Office

Mel Gavin
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Leo Murray
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Stevie Donnelly
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Paul McNama
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John Bartlett
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