ITSligo Staff Profiles

School of Business and Social Sciences
Staff NamePositionDepartment
Armstrong, Mrs Colette LECTURER Business
Banaghan-sesta, Ms Rose LECTURER Social Sciences
Barrett, Dr Michael HEAD OF SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & SOC SCI Business
Barrins, Ms Sinead ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
Bartlett, Ms Angela LECTURER Business
Broderick, Mr Patrick ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
Brown, Ms Kate ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
Byrne, Ms Deirdre EXAM INVIGILATOR Social Sciences
Cameron, Ms Linda ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
Casey, Ms Caroline LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Caslin, Ms Clodagh LECTURER Business
Cavaliero, Dr Tamsin LECTURER Social Sciences
Clarke-boyd, Mrs Mary LECTURER Social Sciences
Colleary, Dr Suzanne LECTURER Social Sciences
Cooney, Ms Aoife ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
Coyle, Ms Diolinda LECTURER Business
Crowe, Ms Clodagh LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Delimata, Dr Natalie LECTURER Social Sciences
Doherty, Miss Aine ASSISTANT LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Dunne, Mrs Lisa LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Fewer-hamilton, Ms Anna ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
Flavin, Ms Beatrice LECTURER Business
Gallagher, Dr Niamh ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
Gaynor, Mr John LECTURER Business
Gaynor, Mr Roddy LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Gilmartin, Ms Mary LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Grady, Ms Helen LECTURER Business
Hanniffy, Dr Maire LECTURER Social Sciences
Hanrahan, Dr James LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Higgins, Ms Ann TU PROJECT MANAGER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Kane, Dr John LECTURER Social Sciences
Keane, Ms Marie Alice LECTURER Business
Kelleher, Mr John HEAD OF DEPT OF MKTG TOURISM & SPORT Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Kelly, Mr Alan LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Kelly-lahon, Dr Clare LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Lang, Mr Andrew CLERICAL OFFICER Business
Larkin, Mr Kerry LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Leonard, Ms Susan LECTURER Business
Lowe, Ms Denise LECTURER Business
Lucas, Martine PART-TIME LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Lyons, Ms Riona ASSISTANT LECTURER Business
Mangan, Ms Aquilina ASSISTANT LECTURER Business
Mannion, Ms Jessica ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
McCaffrey, Ms Deirdre LECTURER Social Sciences
McCaffrey, Ms Patricia LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
McCann, Ms Mairead LECTURER Business
McDonnell, Dr Susan LECTURER Social Sciences
McGlone, Ms Roisin ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
McGuckin, Ms Mary LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
McGuinn, Dr Catherine LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
McKenna, Ms Shirley LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
McManus, Ms Karen LECTURER Business
McNamara, Mr John LECTURER Business
McNulty, Ms Caroline LECTURER Business
McTaggart, Dr Breda HEAD OF DEPT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Social Sciences
McWeeney, Mr Paul LECTURER Business
Meehan, Ms Bernadette LECTURER Social Sciences
Moran, Dr Carol LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Moran, Ms Marie HEAD OF DEPT OF BUSINESS Business
Morrison, Ms Joan LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Mulkeen, Ms Majella LECTURER Social Sciences
O'Connor, Ms Siobhain LECTURER Business
O'Dea, Ms Siobhan LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
O'Halloran, Mr David LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
O'Keeffe, Mrs Mary LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
O'Kelly, Ms Cathy LECTURER Business
O'Murchu, Mr Cillian ASSISTANT LECTURER Business
O'Toole, Dr Jacqueline LECTURER Social Sciences
Pender, Dr John SENIOR LECTURER Social Sciences
Regan, Ms Sinead ASSISTANT LECTURER Social Sciences
Reynolds, Mr Gary LECTURER Business
Rushe, Ms Rosaleen LECTURER Social Sciences
Ryan, Ms Suzanne LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Ryder, Ms Paula LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Scanlon, Ms Maria LECTURER Business
Scarbrough, Dr Gwen LECTURER Social Sciences
Scott, Ms Deirdre LECTURER Social Sciences
Share, Dr Perry CUA PROGRAMME MANAGER Business
Sheehan, Ms Carmel LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Sparks, Dr Chris LECTURER Social Sciences
Sweeney, Ms Joanna LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Treacy, Mr James SENIOR LECTURER Business
Walsh, Ms Louise LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Walsh, Mrs Orla LECTURER Social Sciences
Walsh, Ms Ruth Maria LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
Ward, Miss Emer SENIOR LECTURER Marketing, Tourism & Sport
School of Engineering and Design
Staff NamePositionDepartment
Banks, Mr Shane LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Branley, Miss Catriona CLERICAL OFFICER Civil Engineering & Construction
Caffrey, Ms Elizabeth LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Craig, Mr Ian ASSISTANT LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Creedon, Dr Leo LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Davey, Mr Colm LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Donohoe, Dr Molua LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Durcan, Mr Adrian LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Ferry, Paul ASSISTANT LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Formanova, Ms Marketa ASSISTANT LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Gilligan, Miss Hilary LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Henry, Fergal LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Hughes, Mr Ronnie LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
L'estrange, Ms Una LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Lang, Mr Drew LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Massie, Mr Anthony PART-TIME LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
McBrearty, Mr Shaun ASSISTANT LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
McCann, Dr Brian P LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
McHugh, Mr John Joe LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
McManus, Mr Keith LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
McManus, Mr Louis LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Mcafee, Dr Marion LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Mitchell, Ms Aine ASSISTANT LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Mullery, Mr Sean LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Mulligan, Dr David HEAD OF DEPT MECHATRONIC ENGINEERING Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Murphy, Ms Eva ASSISTANT LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Naughton, Dr Patrick SENIOR LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
O'Brien, Ms Diane LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
O'Brien, Dr Maeliosa LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
O'Flaherty, Dr Tomas LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
O'Regan, Mr Denis F LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Pallai, Dr Agnes LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Quigley, Mrs Kathryn LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
Scanlon, Mr Peter LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
Sheridan, Mr Declan LECTURER Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Trench, Dr Rhona LECTURER Computing & Electronic Engineering
Watson, Mrs Rowan LECTURER Civil Engineering & Construction
School of Science
Staff NamePositionDepartment
Akande, Dr Akinlolu LECTURER Life Sciences
Armstrong, Dr Eileen LECTURER Life Sciences
Barrett, Dr Sharon LECTURER Life Sciences
Beglane, Dr Fiona LECTURER Environmental Science
Bird, Dr Jeremy HEAD OF SCHOOL OF SCIENCE Life Sciences
Bodeker, Dr Macdara LECTURER Life Sciences
Bonsall, Dr James LECTURER Environmental Science
Breen, Dr Ailish LECTURER Life Sciences
Butler, Ms Mary LECTURER Life Sciences
Byrne, Dr Dolores ASSISTANT LECTURER Environmental Science
Cadogan, Dr Aodhmar LECTURER Life Sciences
Considine, Ms Aideen LECTURER Environmental Science
Costello, Ms Edel LECTURER Environmental Science
Coyle, Ms Cait LECTURER Environmental Science
Daly, Dr Stephen LECTURER Life Sciences
Donlon, Mrs Eimear LECTURER Life Sciences
Duignan, Ms Geraldine LECTURER Life Sciences
Feeney, Mr Declan LECTURER Environmental Science
Geraghty, Mr Ossian LECTURER Environmental Science
Hehir, Dr Sarah LECTURER Life Sciences
Heneghan, Dr Mary LECTURER Life Sciences
Keaver, Miss Laura ASSISTANT LECTURER Life Sciences
Markley, Dr Shirley LECTURER Environmental Science
McArdle, Dr Fiona SENIOR LECTURER Life Sciences
McCabe, Dr Anthony LECTURER Life Sciences
McGrath, Mrs Blaithin LECTURER Environmental Science
Monaghan, Dr Kenneth LECTURER Life Sciences
Moran, Mr Noel SENIOR TECHNICAL OFFICER Environmental Science
Murphy, Dr James LECTURER Life Sciences
Nugent, Dr Rachel LECTURER Environmental Science
O'Malley, Dr Edwenia ASSISTANT LECTURER Life Sciences
Partridge, Dr Tony LECTURER Environmental Science
Pillai, Prof Suresh SENIOR LECTURER Environmental Science
Read, Mr Christopher LECTURER Environmental Science
Regan, Ms Joanne LECTURER Life Sciences
Rudden, Ms Lil LECTURER Life Sciences
Savage, Ms Margaret LECTURER Environmental Science
Sherlock, Dr Richard LECTURER Life Sciences
Stevens, Ms Victoria ASSISTANT LECTURER Life Sciences
Taylor, Dr Cian ASSISTANT LECTURER Environmental Science
Tonry, Mr Steve LECTURER Environmental Science
Touzet, Dr Nicolas LECTURER Environmental Science
Walsh, Mr Paul CLERICAL OFFICER Life Sciences
Warren, Ms Orla ASSISTANT LECTURER Life Sciences
Youell, Ms Azura LECTURER Life Sciences
Other Departments (President's Office/Research/Library/Administration)
Staff NamePositionDepartment