Centre for Research in Social Professions

The Centre for Research in Social Professions (CRiSP) was established in 2012. Since its inception team members have undertaken empirical research in a number of research areas, such as youth and community, health, psychology, educational progression, teaching and learning, social and environmental sustainability, policy, interculturalism, and community development.

In partnership with social professionals and local communities, CRiSP has developed its mission of improving the quality of life for those living within the region. For this work to happen, CRiSP utilises knowledge, skills and expertise of local people, researchers from across IT Sligo, local, national and international partners (e.g. Canadian, North American and European academic partners; national and local government; statutory, private and voluntary sector agencies).
Members’ research activities have achieved national and international recognition.

CRiSP is consolidating these achievements by creating a research space for social and health science researchers; and business/enterprises to collaborate together. We do this through:
• Building research capacity
• Supporting research capability
• Strengthening research capability

Building research capacity

CRiSP builds research capacity through:
• Providing research training
• Building a community of practice
• Support for peer-review publication
• Funding staff to undertake research
• Promotion of post-graduate research
• Maintaining a research office space where staff can discuss, plan and conduct research-related activities
• Employment of a Director to actively develop and manage capacity building strategy
• Actively seeks funding from local, national and European sources

Supports research capability

We offer a range of events for staff, researchers and local community partners e.g. conferences, workshops, trainings, symposia and seminars.
CRiSP supports the research capability of IT Sligo staff through running tailor-made training and workshops on areas including:
• Writing workshops
• Evaluating community projects
• Creating competitive applications
• Qualitative research methods
• Quantitative research methods
• Guides to getting published
• Grant writing workshops

Weekly lunchtime seminars are hosted to provide researchers the opportunity to showcase their research and receive feedback in a supportive environment. In addition, CRiSP facilitates international seminars with visiting Fulbright scholars.

Strengthen research networks

CRiSP has forged links with national and international organisations such as Irish Social Sciences Platform (ISSP), CYPSC, Formation d’Educateurs Sociaux Européens / European Social Educator Training (FESET), Pedagogy Learning & Education for the Early Years (PLÉ), Social Care Ireland (SCI) and Children and Young People’s Services Committees (CYPSC), and, Researching Early Childhood Education Collaborative (RECEC).

CRiSP raises the profile of non-STEM research conducted by IT Sligo members. At the same time, CRiSP has created a space for interdisciplinary work with academics from the Schools of Science, Engineering, Business & Social Sciences, and the Centre for Online Learning (COL).

The future

Currently CRiSP is evaluating its activities to drive increased performance over the next three years. Plans are currently in development to map out activities over the next phase of development. Details will be posted on a regular basis.

Recent Events

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If you would like to collaborate with CRiSP on research-related activities, please contact:
Dr Catherine McGuinn (Director)

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