Strategic Research Centres & Groups: An Overview


The Institute focuses its research activities into; Strategic Research Centres (SRC’s), Research Groups, and Individual Researchers as follows:

1. Strategic Research Centres

The objective of the Strategic Research Centres (SRC’s) will be to build critical mass that will result in greater engagement by staff in research in specific areas, a significant increase in the number of research students, an increase in the number and scale of successful funding applications, and a higher number of peer reviewed publications.  The Strategic Research Centres (SRCs) are pan-institutional in nature as their research activities span across the School of Business and Social Sciences, the School of Engineering and Design and the School of Science.  A short description of each SRC is given below.  More detailed information on each can be found on the navigation pane above right.

The Centre for Environmental Research Innovation and Sustainability ( CERIS );

CERIS provides a resource for key applied international research needs in the areas of Applied Ecology and Resource Management. CERIS brings together a cohort of experienced researchers in the School of Science and School of Engineering and Design to successfully compete for funding; network and work with international scientists; and develop innovative and sustainable research areas.  CERIS has nine Principle Investigators (PIs), two senior academic researchers and fifteen postgraduate students,

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Precision Engineering, Materials & Manufacturing research Centre  (The PEM Centre )

The PEM Centre builds on the Institute’s research strengths in material science, laser processing, micro-machining, polymer processing, rapid prototyping, general manufacturing process control and statistical process analysis. The PEM SRC structure provides our Principal Investigators, who have all individually demonstrated notable research achievements through engagement with industry, a platform to consolidate our groups, experience, expertise and resources. The PEM Centre comprises of 5 Principal Investigators, 2 senior academic researchers, 3 postdocs, 3 postgraduates

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PEM Centre



The Centre for Research in the Social Professions ( CRiSP )

CRiSP is a multidisciplinary research centre, researching social policies and practices impacting on people’s daily lives. In partnership with social professionals and local communities, CRiSP has developed its mission of improving the quality of life for people living within the region. For this work to happen, CRiSP utilises the knowledge, skills and expertise of local people, researchers from across IT Sligo, and international, national and local partners (e.g. North American and European academic partners; national and local government; statutory, private and voluntary sector agencies).

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2.  Research Groups

The Mitochondrial Biology and Radiation Research Centre

The Mitochondrial Biology and Radiation Research (MBRR) Centre was developed in early 2009 by Dr James Murphy.  The centre’s custom-built lab space includes state-of-the-art proteomics and molecular biology equipment, a cell culture facility as well as a sunlight simulator and a high-energy VHF radiowave generator. Researchers in the MBRR centre have a strong track record in Mitochondrial Biology as well as Radiation Biology. Ongoing research includes understanding mitochondrial dynamics in skin both in vitro and in vivo; mitochondrial dynamics in athletic training and over-training; determining the bio-effects of high-frequency radiowaves; novel anti-tumour drug evaluation and mitochondrial markers of training and over-training.

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MBRR Centre



3.  Individual Researchers

For information on an individual researcher, please view our Research Projects page. If you cannot find information on who you are looking for, please contact us directly in the office.

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