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Marks & Standards
Marks and Standards Academic year 2019/20

Exam regulations
All students are required to familiarise themselves with the Examination Regulations: All students will be furnished with their own copy of the Examination Regulations, via email, prior to their first sitting of Semester/Year End examinations.

EXAM035 Exam Regulations Procedure

Examination Performance
Request for Consideration by the Examination Board(s) of circumstances that may have adversely affected examination performance. You may apply online using the link below, within four days of the sitting of your last examination, if your examination performance was adversely affected by bereavement, accident, illness or other personal disruption.

Exam-007-068-008-Request-for-Special Consideration Procedure – May 2019

Click here to apply for Special Consideration

Review of Examination Results
A student may request a review of their examination results after the results have been issued. The request must be made to the Examination Secretary on the appropriate Examination feedback, review & appeal form within 3 working days of the official notification of examination results by web.


Deferral of Examinations

Deferrals must be submitted within four days of the last timetabled exam.

  • You must submit current substantiating evidence. ( E.g. Medical certs must be current and date stamped by G.P.)
  • You must ensure that you have the module name and titles correct for the module exam you are seeking a deferral for.
  • You must list every individual module you are requesting a deferral for.
  • You will be automatically be registered for sitting the deferred exam at the next available sitting.
  • If you are unable to take the exam for a valid reason at the next available sitting you must apply again though the deferral system.
  • A deferral for a booked holiday will not be entertained as the dates of the exam periods are known to you from the beginning of the academic year.
  • Please note that all deferral requests are not granted so you need to consider the consequences of not being granted a deferral.

Please note that the online Deferral Form will be disabled (password controlled) and no longer accept submissions after the fourth day after the last timetabled exam. In exceptional circumstances you may contact your Head of Dept for deferral consideration.

Exam019-007 Request for Deferral of an examination subject or subjects procedure May 2019

Click here to apply for a Deferral

Application for Extension of Continuous Assessment Deadline(s)

It is understood that a student may, on occasion, be unable  to submit  assigned work by the due date, due to illness, bereavement or other unplanned event. A student may then apply for an extension of time to submit his/her work, normally for one week only, or by a date specified by the relevant lecturer.  If an approved extension is not obtained,  late work will be subject  to a penalty  (5% per working  day).

Please click here to access the procedure
CA Deadline Extension Request Form

Transcripts of results
Transcripts of results are issued to all students who have completed a full stage or a full award after the end of year/autumn examinations. If a student wishes to apply for a further copy of their transcripts of results, they need to apply using the form Exam015/111 below.

Please click here to access the procedure, Request for Transcript of Examination Results

Replacement Parchments
Parchments are issued to all students at the annual Conferring Ceremony. If a student wishes to apply for a replacement parchment, they need to apply using the form below if the award was issued by IT Sligo as part of delegated authority. If your parchment was issued by HETAC, please contact HETAC see FAQ for further information.

Please click here to access the procedure

Qualifier Application
Qualifier examinations are only available to students who have received a Pass at an Award Stage examination. This procedure applies to students in the Institute of Technology Sligo, who did not achieve the qualifying standard of 50% (C+) in their Level 7 Award Examinations and who subsequently apply to take qualifier examinations. The student’s overall award classification of Pass remains unchanged. The student must achieve an overall average of 50% in the subjects taken as qualifiers at the one sitting.

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