Pastoral Care Service

Pastoral Care Service Location

Pastoral Care Service & Sanctuary, 1st Floor Student Services

The Pastoral Care  Office is located on the first floor of the Student Services Centre beside the Careers Office, above the Student’s Union and the Health Service.

Our primary function is the pastoral care of students and staff members, especially at times of illness or bereavement. The Pastoral Team are also concerned with the support of students in their personal growth during their time at the Institute and in the development and exploration of their faith. The Team members are available for those times when you might need someone to listen to you. Feel free to drop in to the office for a cuppa and a chat or make an appointment for a time that suits you best.

Office hours : Monday- Friday: 9am-5pm
Office Number : 071-9305215
Email :

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Interior of the The Sanctuary in IT Sligo

The Sanctuary in IT Sligo







The Sanctuary is the quiet room in the Institute and is open at all times for students and staff to escape from the rush of life and create a space for quiet reflection and prayer, so please feel free to make use of the reflective space of The Sanctuary.

We also have daily Mass for Lent in The Sanctuary and host other services and liturgies in this room which are advertised on campus throughout the year, so please come along and join us.


The IT Sligo Pastoral Care Service are here to…

·        Listen

·        Advise

·        Support

·        Nurture

·        Assist

·        Resource

·        Celebrate

·        Pray

·        Encourage

·        Represent

·        Liaise

·        Share

·        Accept

·        Understand


Church Services in Sligo

Catholic Churches

St Mary’s Cathedral, Tel: 9162670 Saturday Sunday 19:30; 08:30; 10:30; 12:00; 19:00
St Anne’s, Tel: 9145028 Saturday Sunday 19:30;10.00; 12.30; 19.00
St Joseph’s, Tel: 9142422 Saturday Sunday 19:30;11.00; 12.30; 19.00
Dominican Friary, Tel: 9142700 Saturday Sunday 19:30;09.30; 11.00; 12.15


Church of Ireland

St John’s Cathedral, Tel: 9162263 Sunday 10:30 Morning Worship
Calry Church, Tel: 9146513 Sunday 11:00 Morning Worship


Methodist Church

Methodist Church, Tel: 9142346 Sunday 10:15  Morning Service


Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church, Tel: 9162337 Sunday 11.30 Morning Worship


Sligo City Church (Pentecostal)

Sligo City Church, Tel: 086 243 4047 Sunday 11.00 Morning Worship









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