Erasmus+ Outbound

When your heart says fun and your head says education, you don’t have to choose, at IT Sligo, you can have it all. This year, we are delighted to provide IT Sligo students with the opportunity to travel, study and work in Europe (and around the world) under the Erasmus+ Programme.

The programme offers financial support to IT Sligo students to complete your study visit in one of our partners colleges. For a full list of our Erasmus partners click here.

This is a wonderful opportunity and will benefit you both personally and academically with plenty of new friends waiting to meet you. You will experience an educational system in another country while enhancing linguistic and cultural awareness.

In February and March workshops are organised in conjunction with your supervisor and the International Office. As there are a limited numbers of grants, places are limited and there will be a selection procedure.

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Erasmus Officer:

Wishing you an interesting and enjoyable study visit in your host country!


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